live sound/music for film/installation
by Hans Van den Broeck / Cie Soit

In 2011 Hans Van den Broeck went to Australia to shoot ‘Homeland’, a film coproduced by the Sydney Performers Group (premiere Fraser Studio’s, Sydney).

The Belgian premiere of ‘Homeland’ which took place at Renold in Brussels, turned into a hybrid event including the film itself, an installation and a concert. This evocative mosaic portrays the life of a group of people who took refuge in a utopian community, a safe and secured hideaway from the world. Many of the members leave and make their way back to the city, others stay and hold on to their choices, floating like driftwood in time, hiding in fantasies and a life that has become fictional. They escape their entrapment by constructing a surrogate existence, drafting a theatre play with no ending.

Bram Bosteels, Sam Loncke, Hans Van den Broeck, Anuschka Von oppen
text voice: James Brown, Caroline Daish
text: Anuschka Von Oppen, Hans Van den Broeck
sound: Bram Bosteels, Anuschka Von Oppen

KABOOM KARAVAN / Bram Bosteels & Stijn Dickel, Karen Willems

with: Kathy Cogill, Nikki Heywood, Manu Louw, Clara Louw, Tony Osborne, Kirk Page, Hans Van den Broeck‎, Anuschka Von Oppen, Nalina Wait
directing: Hans Van den Broeck
assistant directing: Anuschka Von Oppen
camera: James Brown
edited by: Sam James, Hans van den Broeck
sound and music composed by: James Brown
coproduction SOIT & Sydney Performers Group