reviews Hokus Fokus

Reviews " Hokus Fokus " :
" KK must be Belgium's best kept secret. The music is very inventive, 
 detailed and layered and has something timeless. Something very 
 narrative as well. Your imagination is constantly stimulated. 
 We would dare to call his songs musical tableaux vivants... 
 It's by blending unusual influences, and by perfectly placing and 
 timing each sound,that Kaboom Karavan shows himself a true master. 
 We think KK is one of the most intriguing and challenging Belgian 
 projects of the last years. " ( **** Cutting Edge )
" This music comes from some underground cavernous community of 
Morlocks improvising on long dead Eastern European folk melodies. 
It’s the future and the past living simultaneously in the same music. 
Most of the instrumentation sounds acoustic in origin, with creaky 
little voices created by toothless little trolls. Each piece is a 
perfect slice of weirdness. Just long enough to sink into its
exotic fabric and just brief enough to want more. All in all,
I’d say this is a near perfect record. I’m overjoyed that Bram Bosteels
is on this planet. This is a singular recording by a very unique artist.
 A+++ " ( LacunaMusic ) 
” The fact that there is a crazy Belgian out there who can play just 
about anything, compose in wide-ranging and disparate styles, blend 
them all together into a unique and hallucinatory whole, and then 
happily sabotage it all with funny voices, kazoos, and an anarchic 
sense of humor makes me very, very happy. “        ( Brainwashed )
" Kaboom Karavan still operates in a parallel universe where Stan 
Kenton, Raymond Scott and Svarte Greiner are wandering through the 
paths of the madhouse garden...But more than just ‘ominous’ or 
‘humoristic’ , Hokus Fokus is a generous record, in which you can 
submerge and wander about endlessly.” ( Gonzo Circus ) 
“… It is rare that music really transfers you to a completely different 
universe, but for Bosteels this seems rather habit than exception. 
The desolate sounds have a deep impact and totally overwhelm you. 
The cinematic whole, despite all the dark elements, embraces you
 completely. A dark beauty! “  ( Subjectivisten )
"‘Hokus Fokus’, de nieuwe cd van Bram Bosteels alias Kaboom Karavan 
heeft het allebei: betovering en richting, een evenwicht dat niet 
evident is… Het geluid is betoverend helder en rijk, zowel aan kleuren 
als aan details. In vergelijking met voorganger ‘Barra Barra’ mag 
‘Hokus Fokus’ dan wat minder geheimzinnig en abstract klinken, 
 de sonore magie wordt er niet minder om..." ( Kwadratuur ) 
" Forget dragons, locusts and blood, the apocalypse has officially 
 arrived. "Hokus Fokus" is going to be one of the most original and 
oddly (make that very oddly) experimental albums of the year. Someone’s
 having us on, and we love it. This is the sort of album that spoils us 
for other albums, because we know that after we listen, we’re going to
 have to return to a less creative world.
 How did Alice feel when she returned from Wonderland?
 Bosteels wants us to do a jig, walk a tightrope, hop a train.
 The world is bigger, more mysterious, and more fun than what we know.
 The caped creature on the cover knows he's a superhero and perhaps 
 that's why he's grinning. " ( A Closer Listen )
“..a kind of mystical masterpiece…a mirage flickering on the far horizon
 of an imaginary land…Imagine music by René Magritte, arranged by Max 
Ernst and played at a carnival of lost souls…heard on the wind…
from a distance…musique liquide…fantastical, morose, whimsical…
sending the listener into a waking dream state where what is barely 
heard exerts a mesmerising kind of power…like folk forms from a bygone 
future…playful & plaintive..disturbing and delightful…” ( IncludeMeOut )
" An incredibly moody, exquisitely detailed album. " ( TinyMixTapes ) 
"... a minefield with many explosive moments... It's a scary record, 
no two ways about it. But it’s also one of much beauty, an inversion 
of stasis that carries with it charm and fortitude of delivery...
 “Hokus Fokus” is a magical recording, sure to please and satiate the 
open-minded doom-mongers and shadier characters of the world, but also 
transcend this audience by sheer depth of material. 
Undoubtedly recommendable " ( Fluid Radio )