When The Bull Cried


When the Bull Cried offers a poetic look on a mystical mining camp high up on a Bolivian mountain, where life evolves around tin. Men and women of all ages search for their luck in the belly of a powerful peak, which they rip open with dynamite. Work in the ice-cold mine-shafts is heavy and dangerous, so the miners ask ‘El Tio’, the Lord of the Darkness, for protection by honouring him with copious amounts of alcohol. When the mountain eventually stops rewarding them with mineral, life gets even tougher, so they prepare for an offer to pay it back.

Directors : Karen Vázquez Guadarrama, Bart Goossens
Editing : Tom Denoyette
Music : Bram Bosteels
Sound : Bart Goossens
Sound design / Mixing : Gedeon Depauw
Producer :  Tomas Leyers ( Minds Meet )

Screenings & Festivals :
DOK Leipzig / DOK München ( DE ) ( nomination Amirra Award )
One World Film Festival ( CZ)
Docs Against Gravity Film Festival ( POL )
MOOOV Film Festival ( BE)
KASK Cinema ( BE )