Soundtrack : Volume 1

The track Koboi is featured in the exhibition ” Soundtrack : Volume 1 “
at Galerie Division in Toronto fom January 19th to March 9th 2013.
The exhibition investigates the relationship between painting and music.
” Many of today’s most compelling artists, if the impressive group compiled here is any indication, use music as a vital tool, both as stamina for their craft, and as thematic fodder. Soundtrack 1 is the first of what we hope will become a series of shows examining exciting contemporary artists through the lens of their music. A headset will accompany the works, and all of the artists have been kind enough to curate for us a playlist of what they listened to while making their pieces.”
” The first track I listened to was Kaboom Karavan’s ‘Koboi’, a beautifully unsettling piece of music. The densely-reverbed, randomly-struck upright bass calls to mind someone being punched repeatedly in the gut, while in the background, disturbance noises – strange thuds and clatters, like people heaving boxes around – sound like government agents ransacking an apartment. Many of Etienne Zack‘s paintings – those in this show in particular – have the same puzzling sense of miscellany.” ( Tyler Benedict from the exhibition catalogue )