Made music for ‘Absence’ a performance by Peter Verhelst & Eric Joris,
with Fumiyo Ikeda, Frank Focketyn.

Absence is a dance creation inspired by the tsunami in Japan (2011).
The idea is simple : a woman and a man meet. There is a trauma. They move, they talk. In this performance Eric Joris and Peter Verhelst collaborate on equal terms on the issues of traumas, its problems of interpretation and comprehension and push forward other ways of spinning yarns, or unraveling them.
To visualize the concept of trauma CREW is combining ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) and ‘3D Motion Capture’ (MoCap) in real-time on stage. Creating a real-world environment with virtual elements, augmented by computer-generated sensory input (like the texture of the objects, the skin of the actors etc.) and real elements (true physical objects, real actors, ect.).

Première Saturday October 17  in Minard, Ghent (BE)

Concept en regie : Eric Joris & Peter Verhelst
Tekst : Peter Verhelst
Performers : Fumiyo Ikeda, Frank Focketyn
Muziek : Bram Bosteels
Technologie : Koen Goossens, CREW / Universiteit Hasselt ( EDM )
EU Consortium Dreamspace
Software Development : Steven Maesen
Kostuumontwerp : An De Mol
Photos : Kurt Van der Elst