Augustinus in Extacy

Zefiro Torna & Bram Bosteels created a sound installation for AMUZ.
( in the context of Antwerp Baroque 2018 and the 400th anniversary of the Saint August Church.)
The installation was inspired by the symbolism of Augustine’s vision painted by Van Dyck. In the painting the upward desire of the soul to become one with the Holy Spirit, is represented by a dove.

For the soundscape we recorded sounds of ‘prepared’ pigeons, flying towards the light in an abandoned cooling tower. Small flutes were attached tot he pigeons ,so they produced eerie sounds when flying .The cooling tower acted as a sound chambre and amplified these sounds naturally.

These recordings were combined with the 17th-century motet ‘O si quando videbo gaudium’, performed by soprano Annelies Van Gramberen and lute /theorbe player Jurgen De bruyn.

The cosmic ‘Sonore Schets : Augustinus in Extase’ was presented live 
( during the inauguration of Jan Fabre’s works in Amuz ) and can be heard from 03.07 to 10.12.2018 in AMUZ

Concept :        Zefiro Torna & Bram Bosteels
Soprano :               Annelies Van Gramberen
Theorbo :                              Jurgen De bruyn
Sound art :                                Bram Bosteels
Visual concept/  editing :       Liesbeth Marit
Camera :                                          Kobe Wens
Pigeons :     Kevin Defossez, Enrico Vermeir