Kaboom & Andrea Belfi Live in Berlin

Miasmah and Sonic Pieces continue their house concert series on the 26 
of Octobre with Kaboom Karavan & Andrea Belfi. Kaboom Karavan's recent 
release "Hokus Fokus," as well as the first-ever vinyl pressing of 2007
 release "Short Walk With Olaf," both came out on Miasmah this past 
August.This will also be Kaboom Karavan's first ever Berlin show!
KABOOM KARAVAN's Bram Bosteels will bring 
his dense and surreal sounds to this 
intimate house concert, where one can be 
fully immersed in the strange world 
Bosteels creates. We'll be celebrating 
Kaboom Karavan's latest album
"Hokus Fokus" and the vinyl edition of 
2007's "Short WalkWith Olaf."

ANDREA BELFI will open the evening with a rare solo performance. 
A master of sound and percussion, a small room is the perfect place to 
experience the nuances of Belfi's craft.