Yes, Kaboom will play live again finally ! 14/10 Videodroom Festival : Vooruit & FilmFest Gent host an evening of surreal visuals, adventurous electronica & mysterious Wunderkammers, with Geoffrey Burton & Sarah Yu Zeebroek / Kaboom Karavan Kaboom Karavan Kaboom Karavan is the alter ego of sound wizard Bram Bosteels. With a mix of homemade instruments, acoustic string instruments and electronics, he creates a unique world of sound. Live, Bosteels is accompanied by Stefaan Smagghe (violin, sarangi) and Liesbeth MaritRead more

10 Years Miasmah @ AB

10 Years Miasmah Records ! Miasmah has released a consistent volume of wonderful albums since then. To mark this anniversary, 3 important artists from the label ( Svarte Greiner, Kreng & Kaboom Karavan ) will present a unique trio performance in AB’s Huis23. At the same time, in the AB Resto there will be an expo of the artwork from this inimitable label. Erik Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (from sister-label Sonic Pieces) will hold an artist talk about Miasmah, theRead more


Kaboom Karavan supports Flying Horseman : 09/02/2015 : AB ( Brussels )  Sold Out 09 / 12 / 2015 : STUK ( Leuven ) 04/12 / 2015  : Het Bos ( Antwerp ) Sold Out 03 / 12 / 2015 : Het Bos ( Antwerp ) Sold Out Kaboom will play with Kwinten Mordijck ( sax ), Liesbeth Marit ( live electronics ) & Vinz ( voice ) as guest musicians  Read more


Kaboom Karavan will team up with Kreng ( Pepijn Caudron ) for a special live-set with the legendary EMS Synthi 100. ‘Synthesis’ is organised by Icarus FM, Tumult Fm and IPEM and will take place wednesday 19th of March at Gravensteen Ghent ( B) , also Mauro Pawlowski, Köhn, Floris Vanhoof a.o will play battleship there !Read more

MindTheGap Nights

Kaboom Karavan & Liesbeth Marit will play an audiovisual live-performance the 24th of january on Mind The Gap Nights, a late-night programme by International Film Festival Rotterdam and Gonzo (circus) magazine, with audiovisual performances, bands and DJs. From 23th to 26th jan at WORM Rotterdam with also Keith Rowe & Kjell Bjørgeengen , Stephan Mathieu, Tina Frank & COH , The Durian Brothers ,Derek Holzer, Vladislav Delay, Greg Popes & John Hegres, a.o…. More info here.Read more

Kaboom & Andrea Belfi Live in Berlin

Miasmah and Sonic Pieces continue their house concert series on the 26 of Octobre with Kaboom Karavan & Andrea Belfi. Kaboom Karavan’s recent release “Hokus Fokus,” as well as the first-ever vinyl pressing of 2007 release “Short Walk With Olaf,” both came out on Miasmah this past August.This will also be Kaboom Karavan’s first ever Berlin show! KABOOM KARAVAN’s Bram Bosteels will bring his dense and surreal sounds to this intimate house concert, where one can be fully immersed inRead more


Great review of the Kaboom Karavan concert at Les Pieds Dans Les Nuages Festival(FR). “It’s when Kaboom Karavan got on stage that we were, without any resistance, subject, body and soul to our first sensory disturbance of the evening, unexpected and lively. Selfmade soundobjects ,microphones hypersensitive and improvised effects made this concert a rare moment in its intensity and its ability to capture the audience. And when Bram takes the guitar or the piano, it is to give flesh-rending tunes.”Read more

Pieds Dans Les Nuages

Kaboom Karavan solo-set at Les Pieds Dans Les Nuages Festival Rennes (FR)( 7/8 june ). The festival takes place in the wonderful 18th century Rosais chapel. And also Tiago Sousa, Rauelsson, Gareth Dickson, Benjamin Jarry and Jessica Sligter will play there. En avant !Read more


Kaboom Karavan joined forces with Karen Willems ( Zita Swoon,Yuko, Inwolves ) at the Belgian premiere of the short movie ‘Homeland’ by Hans Van den Broeck / Cie Soit. ‘Homeland’ is a hybrid event that includes an installation, a movie and a concert. This evocative mosaic portrays the life of a group of people who took refuge in a utopian community, a safe and secured hideaway from the world. March 22-23, 2013, 8pm (with concert) March 24, 2013, 4pm (withoutRead more