Tiny Mix Tapes !

Tiny Mix Tapes premieres the video for Hokus Fokus opening track “Kolik” directed by Liesbeth Marit. A pony and a tennis court ( and a dog ) in strange lighting over 5 minutes !

” An incredibly moody, exquisitely detailed album.It’s called Hokus Fokus and sees Bram Bosteels amplifying the surreal and filmic qualities of his music, evoking both terror and immersion with structural suspense and textural versatility. The album sounds aggressively modern, with its interplay between abstraction and narrative, but it also sounds anachronistic at times, with the creepy Kreng-like atmospherics heading straight into a pre-WWII smokehouse of clunky Tom Waits rhythms and sinister vaudeville theatrics.
Check it out below, in all its understated beauty and unsettling creepiness:”

LP/CD of “Hokus Fokus” and LP of “Short Walk With Olaf” available from today on
through the Miasmah / SonicPieces webshop