Radio Scorpio’s Sterrenplaten did a two hour feature on the new album, in which we listen to some inspirational music and talk ( in Dutch ) about singing fish, Polynesian seafarers, curiosity, the artwork of John Lurie, an old jukebox in the garden, the dedication of record labels, sounds from whistling pigeons and squeaking glasshouse windows and much more … Listen hereRead more

The Log and the Leeway

Yes ! ! There’s a new Kaboom Karavan album ,“The Log and the Leeway”, out on Miasmah ! And it’s something special : featuring a stunning and bizarre cover painting by none other than John Lurie Art ! Also comes with a 16 page booklet of musical illustrations by Walter D’Hoogh and Erik K Skodvin. purchase / download /stream through Bandcamp!> or Anost LP ( 200x black + 200x oxblood red vinyl ) + 16pag booklet & downloadcodeRelease dateRead more

10 Years Miasmah @ AB

10 Years Miasmah Records ! Miasmah has released a consistent volume of wonderful albums since then. To mark this anniversary, 3 important artists from the label ( Svarte Greiner, Kreng & Kaboom Karavan ) will present a unique trio performance in AB’s Huis23. At the same time, in the AB Resto there will be an expo of the artwork from this inimitable label. Erik Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (from sister-label Sonic Pieces) will hold an artist talk about Miasmah, theRead more


I found some old party footage in the archives of my own family. 27 years later it turned out to be a great video for the Kaboom Karavan track ‘Lovzar’, from the album ” Hokus Fokus ” ( Miasmah Records 2013 )Read more

Cutting Edge

Very nice **** review of ‘Hokus Fokus’ on Cutting Edge. Review is in Dutch, but here some short quotes in English : ” Kaboom Karavan must be Belgium’s best kept secret. The music is very inventive, detailed and layered and has something timeless. Something very narrative as well. Your imagination is constantly stimulated. We would dare to call his songs musical tableaux vivants… It’s by blending unusual influences, and by perfectly placing and timing each sound,that Kaboom Karavan shows himselfRead more


Very nice review of “HokusFokus” on Brainwashed : ” The fact that there is a crazy Belgian out there who can play just about anything, compose in wide-ranging and disparate styles, blend them all together into a unique and hallucinatory whole, and then happily sabotage it all with funny voices, kazoos, and an anarchic sense of humor makes me very, very happy. ” Read full review hereRead more

Gonzo Circus

Angry horses ! The sisters Patty and Selma Bouvier ! Raymond Scott wandering through a madhouse garden ! Nice and funny Gonzo Circus review of ‘Hokus Fokus’ : ” …Yes,Bram Bosteels hides himself in the countryisde, far away from trends and hipsters.Also in what we’ll call ‘the Miasmah-universe’ for the sake of convenience this time, Bosteels operates from the periphery. No dark black images or gothic letters on the cover from “Hokus Fokus”, but a pale version of Shrek, wearingRead more

Fluid Radio

Nice words about ” Hokus Fokus “ on Fluid Radio. “…Hokus Fokus is a magical recording … … a minefield with many explosive moments … … Undoubtedly recommendable….” Read the full review hereRead more

Tiny Mix Tapes !

Tiny Mix Tapes premieres the video for Hokus Fokus opening track “Kolik” directed by Liesbeth Marit. A pony and a tennis court ( and a dog ) in strange lighting over 5 minutes ! ” An incredibly moody, exquisitely detailed album.It’s called Hokus Fokus and sees Bram Bosteels amplifying the surreal and filmic qualities of his music, evoking both terror and immersion with structural suspense and textural versatility. The album sounds aggressively modern, with its interplay between abstraction and narrative,Read more

Hokus Fokus Pats !

Here’s a preview of the artwork from the 2 new Kaboom Karavan albums. Both available here.Thanks to Tatjana Gerhard for the truly amazing artwork ! Nice new review of both albums here :Read more