I found some old party footage in the archives of my own family. 27 years later it turned out to be a great video for the Kaboom Karavan track ‘Lovzar’, from the album ” Hokus Fokus ” ( Miasmah Records 2013 )Read more

Cutting Edge

Very nice **** review of ‘Hokus Fokus’ on Cutting Edge. Review is in Dutch, but here some short quotes in English : ” Kaboom Karavan must be Belgium’s best kept secret. The music is very inventive, detailed and layered and has something timeless. Something very narrative as well. Your imagination is constantly stimulated. We would dare to call his songs musical tableaux vivants… It’s by blending unusual influences, and by perfectly placing and timing each sound,that Kaboom Karavan shows himselfRead more

Best of 2013 lists

Great to see both ‘Hokus Fokus’ & ‘Short Walk With Olaf’ in so many ‘Best Of 2013’ lists ! Thanks so much everyone for caring ! :: Hokus Fokus :: – Headphone Commute – Gonzo Circus – Brainwashed – Studio Brussel – Kwadratuur – Radio Scorpio – Sonic Pieces / Boomkat – Spotlight On – Optic Echo – A Closer Listen – Bubzine – IglooMag – Dive Into Sun – Déscendre à la Cave – Include Me Out – SardineRead more

15 Shades Of White

The Kaboom Karavan track ” Ge Moet Klaar Zien” is featured on the CD compilation ” 15 Shades Of White ” ( Dronarivm 2013 ). Here’s the list of artists involved : Anne Chris Bakker, Talvihorros, Kreng, Ben Lukas Boysen, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Jacaszek (Pleq remix), Marsen Jules, Ian Hawgood & The Green Kingdom, Orla Wren, Kaboom Karavan, Marcus Fjellström, Strië, The Frozen Vaults, Olan Mill. More info hereRead more


Very nice review of “HokusFokus” on Brainwashed : ” The fact that there is a crazy Belgian out there who can play just about anything, compose in wide-ranging and disparate styles, blend them all together into a unique and hallucinatory whole, and then happily sabotage it all with funny voices, kazoos, and an anarchic sense of humor makes me very, very happy. ” Read full review hereRead more


New ‘Hokus Fokus’ review on Kwadratuur ( Dutch only ) : “‘Hokus Fokus’, de nieuwe cd van Bram Bosteels alias Kaboom Karavan heeft het allebei: betovering en richting, een evenwicht dat niet evident is…. flirtend met de grens van concrete en muzikale geluiden, laat Bosteels de luisteraar geregeld in het duister tasten naar de herkomst van de geluiden, waardoor diens verbeelding onophoudelijk geprikkeld wordt…. Het geluid is betoverend helder en rijk, zowel aan kleuren als aan details. Als sluiers wordenRead more

Gonzo Circus

Angry horses ! The sisters Patty and Selma Bouvier ! Raymond Scott wandering through a madhouse garden ! Nice and funny Gonzo Circus review of ‘Hokus Fokus’ : ” …Yes,Bram Bosteels hides himself in the countryisde, far away from trends and hipsters.Also in what we’ll call ‘the Miasmah-universe’ for the sake of convenience this time, Bosteels operates from the periphery. No dark black images or gothic letters on the cover from “Hokus Fokus”, but a pale version of Shrek, wearingRead more


Nice “Hokus Fokus” review on Subjectivisten : “… Het gebeurt maar zelden dat muziek je echt in een compleet ander universum weet te plaatsen, maar voor Bosteels lijkt dit eerder gewoonte dan uitzondering. De desolate klanken raken diepe snaren en weten je totaal te overrompelen. Het filmische geheel weet je ondanks alle duistere elementen toch volledig te omarmen. Een duistere beauty! “ “… It is rare that music really transfers you to a completely different universe, but for Bosteels thisRead more