Celeste Prize

“One Way Of Going”, shortfilm by Liesbeth Marit, with sound and music by Bram Bosteels is selected for Celeste Prize ( category Video/Animation ). The film will be screened Saturday 01/09 at Centrale Montemartini in Roma.Read more


The vinyl version of the Kaboom Karavan album “Barra Barra” is featured in an exhibition on vinyl cover artwork ( Mu.ZEE Oostende ) The artwork for “BarraBarra” contains drawings by Fia Cielen and is designed by Miasmah labelhead Erik Knive Skodvin. The exhibition “Vinyl in the Studio: Cover Artists in Belgium”runs from 24/11/2012 till 17/02/2013 and shows record sleeves made between 1970 and the present designed by Belgian artists or Belgium-residing foreign artists ( Dennis Tyfus, Danny Devos, Mark VerstocktRead more