Tiny Mix Tapes !

Tiny Mix Tapes premieres the video for Hokus Fokus opening track “Kolik” directed by Liesbeth Marit. A pony and a tennis court ( and a dog ) in strange lighting over 5 minutes ! ” An incredibly moody, exquisitely detailed album.It’s called Hokus Fokus and sees Bram Bosteels amplifying the surreal and filmic qualities of his music, evoking both terror and immersion with structural suspense and textural versatility. The album sounds aggressively modern, with its interplay between abstraction and narrative,Read more

Hokus Fokus Pats !

Here’s a preview of the artwork from the 2 new Kaboom Karavan albums. Both available here.Thanks to Tatjana Gerhard for the truly amazing artwork ! Nice new review of both albums here :Read more

Hokus Fokus

Nice new “HokusFokus” review on IncludeMeOut: “..a kind of mystical masterpiece…a mirage flickering on the far horizon of an imaginary land…Imagine music by René Magritte, arranged by Max Ernst and played at a carnival of lost souls…heard on the wind…from a distance…musique liquide…fantastical, morose, whimsical…sending the listener into a waking dream state where what is barely heard exerts a mesmerising kind of power…like folk forms from a bygone future…playful & plaintive..disturbing and delightful…” Full review here and a special KlankschapRead more

Short Walk With Olaf !

Surprise surprise release! Miasmah will not only release the new “HokusFokus” album in two weeks, but also my debut album “Short Walk With Olaf” (earlier only available through Umor rex as MP3 download 2007). “Short Walk With Olaf” is now finally properly mastered by Nils Frahm and given a limited vinyl release of 300 copies. Some more info at Morr Music and stream a track on soundcloud here :Read more

A Closer Listen

A very first ( and very amusing ) review of the new album Hokus Fokus by A Closer Listen. ” Forget dragons, locusts and blood, the apocalypse has officially arrived : this is going to be one of the most original and oddly ( make that very oddly ) experimental albums of the year. This is the sort of album that spoils us for other albums, because we know that after we listen, we’re going to have to return toRead more