MindTheGap Nights

Kaboom Karavan & Liesbeth Marit will play an audiovisual live-performance the 24th of january on Mind The Gap Nights, a late-night programme by International Film Festival Rotterdam and Gonzo (circus) magazine, with audiovisual performances, bands and DJs. From 23th to 26th jan at WORM Rotterdam with also Keith Rowe & Kjell Bjørgeengen , Stephan Mathieu, Tina Frank & COH , The Durian Brothers ,Derek Holzer, Vladislav Delay, Greg Popes & John Hegres, a.o…. More info here.Read more

Gonzo Circus

Angry horses ! The sisters Patty and Selma Bouvier ! Raymond Scott wandering through a madhouse garden ! Nice and funny Gonzo Circus review of ‘Hokus Fokus’ : ” …Yes,Bram Bosteels hides himself in the countryisde, far away from trends and hipsters.Also in what we’ll call ‘the Miasmah-universe’ for the sake of convenience this time, Bosteels operates from the periphery. No dark black images or gothic letters on the cover from “Hokus Fokus”, but a pale version of Shrek, wearingRead more